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Welcome to the Georgia Aquarium/Marineland Dolphin Adventure Uniform Website. Please read the instructions listed below as they will help you set up your account. Many of your questions may be answered there.
IMPORTANT!! You must request and enter your Fall 2011 Gift Certificate into your account BEFORE proceeding. Email and specifically request a Full Time or Part Time Certificate be emailed back to you.


If your online account is already set up, log on to it and enter your gift certificate code in the designated area. Click on My Account/Order Status heading to find this area, ENTER GIFT CERTIFICATE BEFORE CREATING YOUR NEW ORDER.
If you have not set up your account yet CLICK ON THE MY ACCOUNT/ORDER STATUS HEADING AND SELECT "NEW CUSTOMER" fill in the required fields..All user names must be in the form of an email address.  If you have an "" or a similar company Marineland address please use that.  If not please use your private personal email address, you privacy will be protected by your ability to create your own password. 
-all employees have only two choices for billing and shipping addresses.  Georgia Aquarium employees use 225 Baker St. NW Atlanta Georgia 30313.  Use "GAI" for company name.  Use 111-111-1111 for the phone number.  Say yes when asked if same as billing.  Marineland employees will use 9600 Oceanshore Blvd. St. Augustine Florida 32080.  Put "Marineland" for company name, 111-111-1111 for phone number and say yes to billing is the same. You can enter your gift certificate code now the same way described earlier.
-Hint: Make sure you turn off the caps lock key if you used it to enter your gift certificate code. You are now ready to start shopping.
Print 2 copies of your order and bring them to the Uniform Cage for processing. Florida employees will be handled online.

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